Asia Tailor has over 28 years of experience in tailoring and alterations in Honolulu Hawaii.  Tailoring is our passion. Attention to details is our duty. This is what we do. You can trust our workmanship and be at peace of mind as you hand your garment to us.

There is a big difference in the workmanship between a professional tailor and someone who just does alterations. We provide the highest quality in workmanship.

We are a professional tailor and we do quality alterations. You can depend and rely on for the best tailor workmanship.

We are flexible with the types of garment we handle. Whether you have a blouse, dress, trouser, slacks, suit, wedding gown, night gown, tie, leather jacket, or Judo Gee, we will be able to provide you with the greatest quality in Alterations.


Custom tailoring
Sports Coats
Dress Slacks
Trousers Ties
Women's blouse, dress, and more
Alterations on all types of clothing

New clothing don't fit??? No problem

Have you ever shopped for clothing but find that the items on sale never fit you perfectly. Most off the rack items don't fit perfectly. If the item is fairly priced, then doing an alteration would be well worth it when it comes our fitting great. There is no reason for anyone in town to be ill-fitted.



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